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While the global business world is now developing new business models and taking the competition to another dimension, the states are focusing their efforts to create a climate that will encourage investors. Turkey is rising as a regional attraction center through the elimination of the obstacles encountered by both national and international investors in Turkey.

Undoubtedly, the rational growth targets of our country are one of the reasons that are effective in this. This unique geography, which we are in, gives us the opportunity to reach our goals and encourages us to develop and expand new goals.

The ideal of ''powerful Turkey and strong economy'' is functioning as a compass for the investors. In this way, we are aware of the fact that every investment we make in the sectors we operate serves for a much bigger target. As Türkerler Family, we are proud to be a part of the added value created by our every step taken in 1993.

We are constantly continuing our investments with the principle of sustainable development, determination, faith, excitement and with the approach of innovation.

Our primary purpose is to increase the value we produce in the fields of renewable energy production, energy trade, natural gas distribution, petroleum, textile, informatics, real estate development and public-private partnership (PPP). For this reason, we are considering new investment opportunities with our large-scaled experience in tenders, privatizations, partnerships, natural gas, energy and contracting projects and we are planning to expand our sectoral diversity further. In addition to our investments in the field of health, we also continue to expand our investments in renewable energy.

One another important issue that I cannot help stating is that our understanding of growth has been established within the framework of the ethical values of our society. Besides the universal principles that we adopted in our corporate culture, the local values we have are also act as a guide for us. When all these factors are assembled together in a company, a credible leadership and sustainable success are inevitable. One of the best examples regarding our institution that we are proud of in this field is that we have become one of the leading companies in the energy sector through the rapid growth achieved by our team.

As Türkerler Family, we attach a great importance to enrich human life with every activity. This responsibility, which is quite tremendous, is standing in the axis of our activities by getting beyond our legal responsibilities and I believe that all our stakeholders, from our employees to our partners, are united in this axis.

We have a long way ahead of us. I wish that we can accomplish great success together on this way and witness the rise of the values that we have produced.

Best Regards,


Chairman of the Executive Board