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The main objective of our group, of which the most important capital is human resources, to be a company where our employees are proud and happy to be a part of the team which is qualified, successful in human relations, reliable and highly educated. We are working

  • to be a preferred institution in the sector and make this position permanent,
  • to implement human resources policies that will contribute to the employees and the company for fulfilling the objectives of the company,
  • to create highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced employees at every stage by constituting a result-oriented organization,
  • to conduct a fair, competitive, correct remuneration policy,
  • to develop the approaches that strengthen motivation and loyalty of the employees.

Human Resources Vision

Our vision for HR is to develop and support our employees' knowledge and skills, to be the company that is most desired to work in the sector and to maintain this position by providing an innovative, dynamic, and sustainable working environment where our employees feel valued.

Human Resources Mission

Our mission for HR is to be the most preferred institution by the candidates, who aims to build a career, who is visionary and dynamic. Our mission is to protect the structure by which our employees adhere to the corporate loyalty and the principles of Human Resources.


  • Believing the importance of the recruitment strategy in the success of the companies, our group prefers individuals who have a high desire to succeed, who are sensitive to the environment and society, and who have corporate belonging.
  • The basic principle of our selection and placement system is to employ the initiative and professional human resources that can adopt and implement our group's vision, mission and policies, who can develop themselves, team members and the company, who are open to learning and innovation, who are successful in human relations.
  • Our employees are recognized and rewarded when they achieve outstanding success, make a significant contribution to the organization, and show exemplary attitudes and behaviors.
  • Under the roof of the Türkerler family, we attach particular importance to each of our employees and respect the dignity of our employees.
  • The Türkerler family acts in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contracts.
  • Safe working conditions are created in the company in accordance with Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Social Security Law.
  • It offers equal rights among employees without discrimination of language, religion, race, or gender.
  • Türkerler shows ultimate attention to conduct a human resources policy that will support its vision, mission, and business strategies.
  • Sustained success is a natural consequence of a harmonious, efficient, and friendly working environment. In this approach, of which you become a part, we are adopting the research, development and people oriented and more effective and efficient working principles by being impressed by each other's perspective, creativity, and innovations.