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  • Türkerler Energy
    • The use of renewable energy resources has gained an incremental acceleration in our country, as it is in the world and privately in the European Union countries, due to the increasing demands. Based on the idea of meeting the energy needs from domestic resources and national capital, Turkey has a vision that aims to get rid of being a dependent country and to supply the electricity demands of the neighboring countries.

      Türkerler Energy has adopted this vision of our country as its mission. It continues to supply energy to Turkey with its projects, including the projects at the stage of operation and at the stage of project as of the year 2007, with a total power value of 1345 MW.

      Together with the consortium it has created Türkerler Energy won the YEKA-Renewable Energy Resources Area- tender, which is the biggest renewable energy tender in the area of wind energy in Europe with an installed capacity of 1000 MW, by hitting a record amount in Europe as $Cent 3.48/kWh. The company will provide investment of more than 1 billion Euros and with the operation of power plants to be installed with this project, it will produce minimum 3 billion kWh of electricity each year. At the same time, through the wind plants to be installed, it has aimed to be the energy of nature and economy by reducing the carbon emission to approximately 1.5 million annually.

      Türkerler Energy continues to follow its reliable path with its wide portfolio, successful investments and its nature compatible and result oriented efforts in the area of renewable energy.

  • Electric Power Generation
    • The company continues to generate power at top speed with the Turkey's largest and balanced electricity generation projects, including 910.6 MW Wind Power Plant (except for Renewable Energy Resource Area -YEKA-) , 274 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant, 168 MW Geothermal Power Plant projects.

      Geothermal Power Plants

      Türkerler GPP 1 (24 MW) Manisa

      Türkerler GPP 2 (24 MW) Manisa

      Türkerler GPP 3 (120 MW) Manisa

      Wind Power Plant

      Tire GPP (50 MW) İzmir

      Barbaros GPP (12 MW) Tekirdağ

      Kalfaköy GPP (10 MW), Balıkesir

      Yenihisar GPP (20 MW) Aydın

      Hydroelectric Power Plant 

      Akıncı (Kayabeyi) HPP (87 MW) Ardahan

      Demirci HPP (13 MW) Kastamonu - Sinop

      Angutlu 1 HPP (15 MW) Giresun

      Angutlu 2 HPP (9 MW) Giresun

  • Electric Power Distribution
    • In March 2013, Türkerler won the privatization tender of Van Gölü Elektrik Dağıtım (Van Lake Electricity Distribution) for US $ 118 million and acquired 100% shares of Van Gölü Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.’nin (VEDAŞ) as of July 2013.

      The total population of the region including the provinces of Bitlis, Hakkari, Muş and Van is approximately 2.1 million.

      As of 2017, approximately 650.000 subscribers have been reached in the region and the amount of energy invoiced including eligible consumers is 1.8 billion kWh.

      2013 - 2017 increase in annual average number of subscribers: 5.5%

      2013 - 2017 increase in accrued energy: 8,1%

  • Electric Power Trading

    • VEPSAŞ supplies electricity power approximately 43.960 eligible consumers all over the Turkey, as well as its customers in its distribution zone.

  • Gas Wholesale/ Retail/ Distribution
    • Angoragaz Doğalgaz, obtained Spot LNG Import License from EMRA valid for 10 years starting from December 15, 2009 to import Spot LNG. Within the scope of this license, it was entitled to import Spot LNG, to trade with import and wholesale companies, to supply natural gas to distribution companies and eligible consumers. Angoragaz has started natural gas trading since 1 January 2013. Besides these activities, it obtained Natural Gas Export License, which is valid for 30 years as of 01.08.2013, to export natural gas to Greece through pipelines.

      Angoragaz supplies natural gas to various regions of Turkey according to its portfolio and it can supply natural gas all regions, that are eligible for taking natural gas through pipeline, of Turkey.

  • YEKA - Renewable Energy Resources Area-
    • The YEKA WPP competition organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources - General Directorate of Renewable Energy was won by Kalyon-Türkerler-Siemens Consortium on 03.08.2017 with a price of 3.48 USD Cent/ kWh.

      The YEKA Contract issued between Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources - General Directorate of Renewable Energy and Kalyon-Türkerler-Siemens Consortium has been signed on 26.02.2018.

      The consortium undertaken the factory installation that will manufacture turbines with a minimum 65% locality rate and it will carry out the R&D activities. Domestic employment will be provided in factory at the level of 90% and in R&D activities at the level of 80%.