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Türkerler Continues Energy Investments in Alaşehir


Türkerler Holding, which currently invests USD 336 million in geothermal power plants in Manisa Alaşehir, contributes to the development of tourism in the region as well. Türkerler Holding Chairman Kazım Türker, who received the plaque at the ceremony on the last day of the festival to support Alaşehir Grape Festival, the first of which was held this year, announced the new investment of USD 664 million.

From energy to health; operating in many different sectors from construction to natural gas, Türkerler Holding adds new ones to its investments in Aegean Region. In addition to its economic contributions to the region, Türkerler continues to support the sponsorship of culture, arts and sports. Türkerler Holding is the main sponsor of the Alaşehir Grape Festival which was held for the first time in Manisa as well.

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