Vangölü Electricity Distribution

Türkerler purchased Vangölü Electricity Distribution Company (VEDAS) in 2013 for $ 118 million in a tender made by the Privatization Agency.

Covering Van, Biltlis, Hakkari and Mus provinces, VEDAS has an area of 43,492 km² and population of 2,082,470 and serves 485,318 customers.

Türkerler’s aim is to contribute to national economy by reducing loss and theft, increasing collections and serve the local community on a customer-centered approach.

In this context, Türkerler is planning to invest 450 million TL over the next decade and contribute to region’s development with local employment and social approach policies.

As with our production operations and with the belief in the importance of energy, we believe that we will carry out distribution and retail sales operations in the best way and offer perfect distribution service with all our employees.