Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Kazim Turker

Turkey, which has an extremely strategic importance in terms of geographical location, is situated in the center of economic, social and cultural change. Extending from the Balkans to the Central Asia and from the Caucasus to the Middle East and from Turkic epublics to the North Africa, in this vast region our country has the common roots and good relations with all the peoples.

As a result of this situation, geographical, cultural and social proximity, blending with the ability to adapt of the Turkish people create sectoral advantages for many organizations. In addition, Turkey’s geopolitical importance and natural resources, has also assigned to us an important role in the global environment for strategic partnerships.

Turkerler Construction Co., was founded in 1993 to make contracting businesses about superstructure and infrastructure and to carry out real estate investments. With the quality and care in the projects that realized in a short period of time, has managed to become a leading brand in the construction industry.

As Turkerler Family, in the context of sectoral diversity we have many affiliates that are taking part in renewable energy generation, energy trading, natural gas distribution, petroleum, textile, IT, real estate development and public-private sector partnership (PPP) issues. And also I worth noting that, as Turkerler, we have an important knowledge and work experience about public and private sector procurement, privatization, partnerships, natural gas, energy and contracting projects.

Our company, which is rapidly and decisively getting to be between leading companies of the electricity sector in Turkey, also takes an active role as a project developer, investor, producer and entrepreneur with international financial institutions and with partner in the energy sector. In this context our works in the fields of wind, hydro electricy, geothermal and thermal energy continue rapidly. In addition, our interest to the new sources of energy (solar, biomass, etc.)., is increasing continuously.

Our team of experts, professional experience and financial ability are the greatest strength of our own operations. I am fully confident with our technical and administrative capacity that can compete in a global environment. I am convinced that; with the Turkish people’s entrepreneurial spirit, we have the capacity to overcome the difficulty of any kind in order to complete all the projects successfully.

The world has been going through a process of significant change in the period we are in, balances are changing rapidly there has been created a new world order. To maintain maintain our stance we take our place in this process, renewing and developing surely. We have realized very important projects, that had been studied maybe for years and once unimaginable, and now we will continue to our studies to complete them.

Since our establishment, while getting more strength through continuous improvement and giving priority to long-term investments and inovations, we continue to improve our competitiveness. On a global basis,we will continue to create value for our employees with the construction and energy projects in our country.

Thanks to all the employees for working with dedication and thanks to our shareholders and our customers for the confidence they have in our success.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kazım Türker